How often do IT problems affect your clinic?

Are your systems secure and protected from the myriad of viruses and other threats that every business has to worry about?
Let Panacea support and protect all of your PC’s (and users) with our ‘all you can eat’ Panacea Assist service. Worry-free IT support at its best!

Please note that unlimited free product support is included with all paid Panacea subscriptions – if you only require Panacea product support then you’re not required to pay for Panacea Assist.

Unlimited remote technical support, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

Virus and security protection for all of your computers

Automated updates for all of your computers

Automated monitoring of all of your computers, allowing us to detect and to respond to most problems before they have the chance to impact upon your normal operations

Automated web filtering and Internet usage monitoring – you create the Internet usage policy and we enforce it for you

Free consulting and advice – providing you with access to our deep knowledge and expertise to help you save money and improve return on your technology investment.

To find out more about Panacea Assist, or to sign up now, simply contact us and one of our friendly team would be happy to help.