Panacea is easy to set up and easy to use

Whether you go it alone, utilise our services or work with a trusted partner, we’re here to help.

Go It Alone

Sign up for a free trial and get your feet wet! Panacea is designed for the adventurous, but not particularly technical, client to self-install

We’ll Help You

An optional professional service, our remote Launch Team will actively help you every step of the way

Panacea Experts

Prefer on-site support? Want to work with your existing IT service provider? No problem. We have a network of Panacea Experts from around the world.

Data Migration

No matter which option you choose, if you’re migrating from a legacy system we recommend that you utilise our professional, fixed-price data migration service.

Detailed set-up and configuration guides are available at our support site.  Every installation is different, but here is the general sequence of events for getting set-up and running with Panacea at your practice: