Panacea v3.66 is here!

Just when you thought Panacea couldn’t get any better…

Version 3.66 of Panacea is hot off the presses and is packed full of little improvements that our users have been asking for.

Our developers LOVE doing releases like this.  Software development is never easy, but tweaks like this certainly are a lot easier and more fun than a big hairy project like online bookings (which came immediately before in v3.65).

Check out our release notes for a list of all the goodies that you’ll see in this release.  There are also lots of improvements under the hood that you won’t see, but you will feel them in terms of better performance and responsiveness.

Look out for Version 3.67, which is under development now and will include our single most requested feature – product-level automated reminders!  More on this closer to the release date (which should be in July).

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