Our Mission Explained

At Panacea our mission is to make vets more successful.

‘But why do you want to make vets more successful?  Aren’t they already successful enough?’

We get asked this every day and the question kind of misses the point.  We’re human beings – we’re never successful ‘enough’.  We always strive for more and our vet customers are no different.

Our customers hold a very important place in society – we entrust to treat the furry members of our families every day.  Farmers and breeders trust vets to help protect their livelihoods.

Panacea is developed to help vets drive improved clinical outcomes.  It has been developed from the ground up to automate and simplify clinical processes and it takes advantage of the latest tools and technologies, including AAHA clinical terms and a SOAP-based diagnostics process, to improve clinical accuracy and effectiveness.

Panacea is also developed to make vets more commercially successful.  It is a little known fact outside of the veterinary sector that, in the space of a generation, the financial returns from veterinary medicine have declined steadily to the point where being a vet has gone from one of the most financially rewarding degree-qualified professions to one of the least?  The American Veterinary Medical Association has released analysis that shows the ‘typical veterinary college graduate will earn less during his or her career than the typical bachelor’s degree holder‘.

It’s no easier to become a vet than it was 20 years ago (if anything it’s harder) and goodness knows it’s more expensive, but financial returns have continued to erode due to a variety of factors.

This phenomenon is common to the veterinary industry in all western countries, yet veterinary practice management software has hardly evolved at all to help address this problem.

Panacea changes all that.  It has unique features that make vets more efficient and more productive and that actually help protect and maximise revenue.

And this is only the beginning.

We have a number of amazing new technologies in the works.  Lots of world firsts.  Technology that will actually help vets become more successful.  Because they’re important.

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